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Dr. Niti Sapru

Dr. Jahnavi Kedare

Imm. Past President
Dr. Malay Dave

Dr. Sagar Karia

Imm. Past Secretary
Dr. Kavan Lakdawala

Dr. Milan Balakrishnan

Imm. Past Treasurer
Dr. Prashant Shah

Web Editor
Dr. Avinash De Sousa

Executive Committee Members
Dr. Jalpa Bhuta
Dr. Delnaz Palsetia
Dr. Chetan Vispute
Dr. Priyanka Thukral Mahajan
Dr. Sujoy Prabhugaokar
Dr. Swaroop Bhatankar

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Alprazolam Overuse -
a Mental Health Concern

Bombay Psychiatric Society is a private organisation of mental health professionals that include Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social workers & other allied mental health professionals in the city of Mumbai (previously Bombay), Maharashtra, India.

Inflammation and Mental Health - 7th April, 2018 | BPS Annual Day - 22nd April, 2018 | BPS Inter Collegiate Debate March, 2018 | BPS Clinical Meet March, 2018 | Indian Psychiatric Society Seminar Psychiatric Issues in LGBT Individuals - 10th March, 2018 | India Diagnosis and Treatment of Children and Adolescents with Bipolar Disorder 23rd Feb, 2018 | India Efficacy and Tolerability of Antipsychotics in Youth with Severe Psychiatric Disorders Correll | India_Treatment of SCZ Across the Illness Stages Correll 22nd Feb, 2018 | Venkat BPS Slides 25th Feb, 2018 | Mindfulness 11th March | Psychiatry Update: Schizophrenia & Bipolar Mood Disorder | Invitation for Metabolic Medicine and Mental Health Program | Award | Dr. V. G. Joshi Fund | Election Notice

Please note that the dates for submitting papers for BPS Annual Day Award papers has been extended till 10th March 2018.

Membership Directory is under compilation and shall be released soon and uploaded on the website